4 Feb 2014


SARAPAT is original Thai street brand, I am one of co-founder, we emphasise the culture of Thais combine with international street style, This is the logo design and design for T-shirt size. SARAPAT means various, we can get the ideas from everything around so we try to make it look like 'S' english alphabet and 'ส' thai alphabet those are the first alphabet in the name of SARAPAT(สารพัด).

The name of the first collection is "เปิดศึก"(start fighting), we pick two characters of literature (Ramayana) which is Todsakan and Hanuman. We drew the characters (pencil and ink technique) and combine with the pattern.

-Layout design for ads-
credit photo by: Kitztophy

NZ-Paddle for hope

The charity event for breast cancer in New Zealand, stand up paddle board which is under Starboard brand.



NZ- SUP Ocean Rescue

The ocean rescue stand up paddle board which is under Starboard brand, These are the special for New Zealand distributor.



6 Nov 2012


Logo Design for LoveBird, clothes online shopping brands, 
target is middle to high income, fashionable, sexy and also sweet.
Moreover, this logo symbol can be adapt for represent brand image.

4 Nov 2012

Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Creates the SUPPORT

The member in designer team of Queen Sirikit Museum of Textiles  located in The Grand Palace. Be responsible to create and design any graphic elements and also the book of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit Creates the SUPPORT.

 Book Jacket

Book Jacket and Cover


GIT Annual Report

Alternative design for GIT Annual Report 2011 which is the organization that guarantee the quality of gems and jewelry.


 Some layouts design 

Queen Cosmetic

Sketch idea for cosmetic logo and packaging  "Queen". 

2 Nov 2012

BayanTree Bangkok Hotel Leaflet Design

Leaflet design for specific event in top star hotel. The first one for Moon cake festival
and next is Shisha nights at BayanTree restaurant.

Design for MK (มั่นคงเคหะการ)

I created poster, magazine ads, web banner for MK Young Creative Design Contest 2012
which is the contest that provide any chance for vertical garden design's lover.


Magazine Ads 

 Web Banner

22 Sep 2011

LOGO design

 Logo Design for Salads packaging, it is benefit symbol of fruit and vegetable

Logo Design for craft equipment shop name is "พรชนิตย์", this tab is for the knitting wool. 

Splash page, Webdesign, Brochure, Namecard for T-ec2

T-ec2 is a type-approved electronic control unit (ecu) allowing for the conversion of your car into a E85/Bioethanol-powered flex-fuel vehicle.Splash page and Web layout design that represent brand, Gauge speed is my main idea.

(it is not coming to Thailand)
Splash Page, Shape of graphic is car guage speed, red line will move faster 
to the max like the energy of the car increase and rhythmic movement. 
Web layout design

 Brochure design font/back and inside layout

Brochure Cover font and back

 Business Card

PrimeStreet Webdesign

The first 2 directions sketch Website and layout design for PrimeStreet Advisory Company.  PrimeStreet Advisory is an Investment and Corporate Advisory firm that strives to bring sustainable growth and unlock value for our clients. 

(It still their old design, the new one is not update yet, on the process)

The first design that they chose for developing some elements.

The second design that I create for their choice.

12 Jul 2011

Website and Logo design for CROW MAGAZINE

Website layout design and logo design for CROW, new Thai fashion magazine in 2011. First, this logo just design for complete the comprehensive website and then it was redesigned by someone for commercial.

13 Mar 2011

Shirt for heart


Book design of Ancient Thai pattern weaving
Many Thai cultures and ancient Thai arts are being forgotten, 
ancient weaving Thai pattern is one of them. Nowadays, only 
some of the local people who weave as their career know 
the pattern and how to weave to be each pattern. 
Moreover, they do not record or take note to make its survive, 
they just remember and weave with their skill in their head 
and teach to their close lineages. According to that problem, 
there are many books that contain any information about silk
weaving technique but most of them are just text we know only
name such as jasmine patterns but we cannot imagine how 
they simplify jasmine on silk so the beautiful ancient pattern 
will vanish in one day if someone do not maintain and realize 
its important. 
ลักษณ์ลาย is the name of this book mean category or type of pattern 
and also has same sound as LOVE