14 Jan 2010

My packaging sketch (Major subject assignment)

My sketch for headphone packaging and also headphone

CD cover design (Major subject assignment)

CD cover design (Major subject assignment)

Annual Report (Major subject assignment)

Magma book design (Major subject assignment)

the catalogue of Magma company

5 Jan 2010

Logo Design (Major subject assignment)

Transform the logo of the faculty of Visual Communication Arts for Visual Festival that we will show the art work and sell art product in the concept of Jungle Jungreet Let Meet The animal

2 Jan 2010

Exhibition book (Major subject assignment)

My exhibition book for Print production subject.

Packaging design (Major subject assignment)

Design egg package contain 6 eggs. I try to emphasize with save the world.

Stamp collection design (Major subject assignment)

Thai Ingredient stamp collection design.

Calendar design (Major subject assignment)

Calendar design for the children company.

Corporate identity (Major subject assignment)

Corporate identity for Bankampu Tropical Gallery. The coffee shop that emphasize the natural and also sell the trees too.(Logo,Brochure)

Corporate identity for SCG Experience. It like the subsidiary of SCG Distribution Company provide creative service and quality product.(Logo,Brochure)

(Direct mail)

Car catalogue (Major subject assignment)

Car catalogue for Chevlolet

Brochure design (Major subject assignment)

I design this brochure from Paul Rand's method "repetition". I use triangle to represent this method