4 Feb 2014


SARAPAT is original Thai street brand, I am one of co-founder, we emphasise the culture of Thais combine with international street style, This is the logo design and design for T-shirt size. SARAPAT means various, we can get the ideas from everything around so we try to make it look like 'S' english alphabet and 'ส' thai alphabet those are the first alphabet in the name of SARAPAT(สารพัด).

The name of the first collection is "เปิดศึก"(start fighting), we pick two characters of literature (Ramayana) which is Todsakan and Hanuman. We drew the characters (pencil and ink technique) and combine with the pattern.

-Layout design for ads-
credit photo by: Kitztophy

NZ-Paddle for hope

The charity event for breast cancer in New Zealand, stand up paddle board which is under Starboard brand.



NZ- SUP Ocean Rescue

The ocean rescue stand up paddle board which is under Starboard brand, These are the special for New Zealand distributor.