13 Mar 2011

Shirt for heart


Book design of Ancient Thai pattern weaving
Many Thai cultures and ancient Thai arts are being forgotten, 
ancient weaving Thai pattern is one of them. Nowadays, only 
some of the local people who weave as their career know 
the pattern and how to weave to be each pattern. 
Moreover, they do not record or take note to make its survive, 
they just remember and weave with their skill in their head 
and teach to their close lineages. According to that problem, 
there are many books that contain any information about silk
weaving technique but most of them are just text we know only
name such as jasmine patterns but we cannot imagine how 
they simplify jasmine on silk so the beautiful ancient pattern 
will vanish in one day if someone do not maintain and realize 
its important. 
ลักษณ์ลาย is the name of this book mean category or type of pattern 
and also has same sound as LOVE

"Experimental Design" More helpful crosswalk

Design Seminar (pre art thesis) with "Experimental Design"
Thinking process

In front of school and market
Inspriration from equipment as pencil at school and weave pattern at market
In front of Temple
Inspriration from LAI THAI 

Display design (Major subject assignment)

The model of display design for GUESS watch

Signage design for playground (Major subject assignment)

BKF & COBRA Corporate identity (Major subject assignment)

Corporate identity Manual For Bangkok Metropolis Moter Co.,Ltd. 
the best quality products of the Plastic Injection Molding & Aluminum Die Casting

the high-quality and trustworthy tire.

kullastree magazine webdesign (internship)

The sketch of kullastree magazine web direction design, during my internship at Charcoal Co.,Ltd.
Customer choose my direction to be the website http://kullastree.com/

Website design for Dj.Stephane Pompougnac (internship)

The sketch for web direction design for Dj.Stephane Pompougnac who is French house DJ, and also a musician, composer and producer, during my internship at Charcoal Co.,Ltd.
Sample on Safari

Salana Hotel website design (internship)

The sketch of web direction design for Salana Hotel in Lao, during my internship at Charcoal Co.,Ltd.